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Some things never change.  I have enjoyed racing for most, if not all my adult life.  But like a lot of things priorities change and I changed my focus from racing to my business.  I am happy to say that I have loved every minute of running my business, but it was time to pass the torch, and not have the grind of running the business everyday.  It was time for me to do, some of the things that I wanted to do while I was still young enough to enjoy them.

I hope that you will enjoy this web site and the many pictures of days gone bye and of the coming days of my racing career.

The back ground picture is the 
Original and now famous "Gunfighter" It is an altered wheelbase 57 Ford Custom 300, powered by a Hilborn injected 293 cubic inch 289 Ford, positioned under where the dashboard was. I used an aluminum Borg Warner T10 4 speed and 9 inch M&H Racemaster slicks. On several occasions it carried the front tires all the way up, dragging the quarter panels all the way through third gear. No way to steer the car when in that position.

I raced this car this color in 1967 and 1968.

The small picture is 2013 CobraJet Mustang factory built race car.

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